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Tax & Accounting

We know that feeling when tax time comes around and the second most property owners even try to think about the books for an investment, they end up with a migraine. Let us help you stop thinking about the finances behind the scenes and get back to worrying about the money that matters: what we help you put (and keep) in your pocket.

While our software solutions offer a tremendous amount of data to our investment partners, not everybody wants or needs what the system has to offer. Most multifamily properties have enough possible reports to stack taller than the owner!

At ME, we go beyond property management and really took the time to think about everyone who trusts us to take care of their investment: “What if we gave them what we knew they wanted, then gave all the rest to the accountants to optimize?” As it turns out, it works amazingly! Our staff delivers a pre-set list of actually-useful data to every property owner every month, plus they’re available to help you understand it all. Need something more? It’s right at your fingertips via your online portal or customer service representative.

Need someone to actually do the taxes? We partner with industry leading firms that take care of our taxes and have made room on their short clientele lists for our investment partners. By optimizing their business structure and using ME’s set strategies to correctly categorize expenses and income, many of our clients have legally reduced their tax liability substantially.

ME Real Estate Columbus, Inc. does not prepare any tax returns in-house and is not licensed to do so. If you have questions about your tax obligations, please consult your tax preparer and/or attorney.