ME Real Estate Columbus

ME Real Estate Columbus, Inc.

Funds and Debt Service

The ME family of companies has owned and managed hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate and we know that, with proper diligence taken, funding for most projects can be acquired and optimized to best fit a property’s business model. We specialize in making sure our properties have competitive mortgage rates and utilize our Columbus Ohio property management expertise to make sure the mortgages get paid! With hundreds of experiences managing mortgages and funding under our belts, we are able to:

  • Secure funds for property purchases
  • Partner with prospective investors/buyers to join in a venture
  • Acquire post-purchase funding for property improvements
  • Submit mortgage documents to appropriate parties
  • Make payments on mortgages on your behalf
  • Accommodate mortgage and insurance inspections / requests
  • Coordinate refinancing
  • Work with mortgage/loan vendors on your behalf


Note: ME Real Estate Columbus, Inc. is not a bank or lender of any type. Any services offered are restricted by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Ohio.