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Disbursements + Distributions

At ME, our experience as property owners has taught us what it feels like to be stuck waiting on funds to come through or looking for a check to finally come in the mail. That’s why we decided to do things differently.

We are able to distribute funds to most SWIFT enabled banks via ACH extremely quickly and have set up a schedule to allow the maximum amount of consistency for delivery of funds straight to your account. You can know how much is coming before it even posts using our online owner portal system, which allows you to review your property’s entire set of books at a glance.

Maybe you’d prefer a good-old paper check in hand? Instead of tapping your foot looking for the carrier to stop at your mailbox, we can offer in-person pick up in Columbus, three other major US cities, or Tel Aviv. There’s nothing like having a check in hand.

For most property owners, funds are disbursed the first month of each calendar quarter. That puts money in hand on time for taxes, holidays, summer vacations, and major retail sales.

Don’t worry about contributing money back: by helping our investment partners to make smart decisions about the amount of funds in their portfolio and staying ahead of major expenses, we strategize to keep your account afloat without need for intervention. 9/10 property owners never have to send us another penny after we’ve got their property up and running the ME way. That’s how you know ME is all about YOU.

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