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Dedicated Columbus Ohio Property Management

ME Real Estate Columbus, Inc. was built from the ground up to take absolute perfect care of properties and property owners; that’s because we are property owners and we know firsthand what it’s like to have a subpar company manage a property. We’ve invested over $200M in properties across our companies and we’re not stopping any time soon, we know that our expertise can help you succeed.

We don’t provide the same services most real estate companies do, but we provide many more! For more than a decade, we’ve taken care of properties and investments like they’re our own. Nobody else in the market has as much on the line as we do when it comes to making sure our properties are well taken care of, that’s why we decided to do it like nobody else could.

We believe in finding a balance where the tenants are happy and the investment is profitable. Balance, in itself, sounds like it doesn’t have quite the take-home profit you would think, but by focusing on our performance oriented business model and maximizing both the amount happy tenants pay and the savings we bring on maintaining properties, every single property owner or investor we’ve ever had has increased their profitability.

If a property isn’t quite where it needs to be in order to have profitable rent levels, we can take care of that too. Many of our own properties have been add-value opportunities where we convert or renovate space to make something beautiful in both form and profitability. From a coat of paint to new construction, we’ll take care of it.

Because we do everything a property could ever need, we did our best to make what we do simple to digest and not put you to sleep; now you can hurry up and get started on your next investment or back to your life instead of pulling your hair out over your property.

Property Management Services

Full Service Means Full Service

Property management companies that call themselves full service and then proceed to nickel and dime property owners are plentiful. We are structured to keep the property owner’s interest at heart. No tiered flat rates, no outrageous add-on fees, no paying over $70 an hour for maintenance, and no more worries about having to send money to upkeep your property. 

From rent collection and bill pay to making sure you do nothing but receive payments, we have the widest availability of services on the market. Be free to do what you want to do instead of chasing rent or plunging toilets.

Concept, Closing, Cashflow

We know that getting started investing in rental properties is a daunting task; we’ve been there. By partnering with real estate professionals across the industry, we can ensure that you go from investment concept, to closing, to cashflow. 


If you need someone to shop for you, we will get you with the right agent or broker to find your dream investment. We will help you get ahead of the game by running our in-house analysis on the potential performance of the property and get our professional inspectors on site before you invest, so you can know what to expect as you move forward. 

Diverse Properties

We are experienced with every type of property you might be interested in investing in. Not only have we managed thousands of homes from single families to luxury high density, we have taken care of office, retail, and industrial spaces as well. From forest to skyscraper, we know how to make your investment work.

Our experience with diverse property management has involved us investing and managing across Columbus Ohio and the entire Midwest region. Experience and relationships with vendors, governmental authorities, and tenants gives us the insight to make sure your property’s profitability is maximized the way it specifically needs, not using some ugly cookie cutter that might not be a good fit.

Our Services

We could go on forever about how the ME way of property management can put you and your investment on the right track for success, but we already did!

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Our Team

We’re happy to say that our team is our strength. As experts in property management, their job is to lend you the insight you need and execute efficiently to make your investment work for you. We’re ready to help you to take your next steps in property investment and walk beside you as partners in success.

Eli Adahan
Moshe Adahan
Eden Cohen
Vice President, Investment Relations and Internal Audits
Barb Wallace
Office Administrator
Tajaiona Walters
Property Coordinator


Yehuda Z.
President at *** Capital Group

Thanks for taking good care of our properties!

Matthew T.
Property Owner and Independent Contractor

Very easy to work with and Very responsive to projects that need to be done.

Auttiana R.
Former Tenant

I have had no problems thus far. Maintenance responded quickly and staff are very friendly!